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Shiesty Document Hearder Image
November 30, 2021

Appendix & Center Of Integrity

‘Propel Digital’ operates outside of Shiesty.Org to provide a particular client-based service as a collaborative effort,it’s structure
is constantly refined with full awareness of societal issues currently polarizing and leveraging ‘Vexatious litigation’ causing immeasurable lost
snowballing even by sheer inflation to zonked out majority public in perspective residencies with ‘tactically interjected slander’.

‘Entertainment’, ‘Legislation’, ‘Pertinent Informations’, general ‘Well Being’,are certainly more seeming only safely enjoyed,
scrutinized, jousted with, and uniquely developed by some kind of “herd’ logic, encumbering individual uniqueness, slathering
the consolidation of new originalities and/or expedition of these things to the preference of “dominate persona’. Hence with this,
thousands of years of ‘unanswered button smashed sadidy autonomous heckle’ there is opportunity to heighten awareness and ‘Propel Digital’
outside, even here inside the framework of Shiesty.Org is interested in being part of that ‘Culture Shock’. This Appendix provides a support
center of kind, be it as resource, and/or be it by some uncouth joust, are making documents available here to Shiesty.Org perspective participants.
These documents are for developing derivative works preferably to be made available for review as stated within adherence to Shiesty.Org White Paper
and herein sites ‘Terms Of Use’.


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