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Shiesty Document Hearder Image
November 30, 2021

Shiesty.Org is managed, and operated under the Stewardship of “Propel Digital (PSC.)”. Terms are primarily drawn directly delegated from either “Propel Digital” and/or promoted by initiatives with partner involvement via. [CMPV] Application. “Propel Digital” operates with licensing acceptable around the area of Cambridge, MA. “Propel Digital” also has established several satellite initiatives outside the domestic United States, these areas include but are not limited to: Australia, London, and China.


What kind of business is “Propel Digital(PSC.)” (Let’s consider clarifying more about “Propel Digital”)



“Shareholders” shareholders, who also contribute their expertise to the business.

“Law and/or Legal”

“Performing Arts” as interpreted by the internal revenue service label the “performing entity” as any entity that employs, engages, or comprises one or more performers. The performing entity may be a corporation, partnership, limited partnership, or any other legal entity. “Propel Digital” among it’s other service provisions represents “performers” by them providing services accommodated by being a “Shareholder”, these relationships are established either by various private contractual agreements or public which are directly and/or indirectly made through “Propel Digital” operations as a “Private Service Corporation”. “Propel Digital” clients are also occasionally “Selected By Partners” to participate on a larger arrangement then is currently disclosed to the general public, in which case these arrangements involve more intimately drafted agreements for a “Client Providing Services” as a shareholder, and through this process then categorize as aforementioned “private contractual agreements”. For Ex. STMultimedia operates as a Multimedia Production Publishing Company and aptly “Performs” a service within it’s arrangement with “Propel Digital (PSC)” for film and synchronization on a documentary. More, interesting if this documentary is a byproduct of Terms issued by Shiesty.Org then all participating shareholders benefit in the established compound rewards.

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